We are Bay Area natives, specifically grown in Oakland and San Francisco. We have played in the redwoods, climbed oak trees, sunk our hands into the fertile dirt of the fields and greenhouses of Northern California, and run barefoot in the sand along the Pacific Ocean. We were raised to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding us.

We count our dogs among our best companions. They come to work with us and walk us around town, and, if they are very lucky, come on the road with us when we come to visit all of you.

We have a cumulative experience of just over 30 years in plant care, system design, construction, and garden and greenhouse maintenance. Easy Feed Systems is a project that combines not only our experience but also the experience of our family and friends.

We love our work, but family and the outdoors just seem so much more appealing than cleaning our reservoir, measuring nutrients, and worrying that the reservoir might run low and over-fertilize our gardens when we go on vacation. We don’t even want to think about our reservoirs emptying completely and dehydrating our beautiful flowers and fruits to utter ruin. This is why we love Easy Feed. We use it, play with it, and then are able to forget about it.

We work daily in the shadows of the freight cranes, freeways, and railway tracks, creating environmentally friendly, industrial grade systems for growers that want the incredible yields that come along with advanced fertigation controls. We are here to support your grow.  Call or email us any time.